What You Can Do!

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Vegan Feminist Network takes the position that the most appropriate means for dismantling oppression will be education. Education liberates the mind and empowers the marginalized.


1. Educate yourself

Take some time to read through some of our critical essays on vegan feminism. We do our best to make complex theory accessible using real-world examples and limited academic jargon. Also, you should check out our vegan feminist history timeline to explore some of the important milestones and contributions by women in our movement.

Take it to the next level and explore some recommended readings by other vegan feminist scholars. Not into reading or lack the time to? Try watching some lectures and films by influential radical feminists in the field or some interviews with Vegan Feminist Network’s founder, Corey Wrenn. Then, if you really want to dig deep, we have developed a series of vegan feminist lectures which vary in length from 1 to 10 weeks. Another great tip: follow your favorite anti-oppression organizations on social media platforms. This will help you keep up to date on current events. Furthermore, it helps you keep the learning process flowing. Make an effort to subscribe to topics you know least about.


2. Disrupt Oppression

Feel as though you’ve got a grasp on the theory? Do you feel reasonably sure you can spot oppression? Great! Put those skills into action! When you witness oppressive behavior, do your best to disrupt it (if you can do so safely). Vegan feminist disruption is explicitly non-violent. Use your communication skills respectfully to identify and draw attention to the problem. Hold others accountable for their actions by “calling them in” (or, if that doesn’t work, by calling them out).  Additionally, be a good ally. Support those who are marginalized, because discrimination can be alienating. Believe victims and survivors and offer solidarity. Remember that sometimes the best way to disrupt the status quo is to be quiet! Giving marginalized persons the space to speak, breathe, and just be is an important source of support and empowerment.

Are you vegan yet? Now’s the time to get off the fence and make the transition. Still watching porn? Now’s the time to kick the habit. Do you know where your chocolate comes from? Maybe it’s time to start double-checking how cruelty-free your shopping cart really is. Start identifying ways to put your values into practice in your own life. Nobody is perfect and everyone will have structural barriers to overcome, but this does not mean we can’t strive to do the best we can given our situation.


3. Pay It Forward

So you’re putting social justice into action? Great. Now what? You can go further! Educating others is another crucial step. Be a knowledge maker and a change maker. You can do your part to create resources for other activists. Everyone can educate in their own way. Share relevant social media through your networks. Choose vegan feminism as a topic for school projects. Or, distribute literature at your local library. Leaflet on campus. Post information on community bulletin boards. Join vegan meetups and share feminist ideas. Contribute to our blog. Start your own group. Remember, education is key. We must create an attitude shift to support the behavioral change we want to see.


Vegan Feminist Network is entirely volunteer-operated and is not registered as a non-profit. We accept donations only once each summer to cover web hosting fees. We are extremely critical of the capitalist tendency to conflate donating with engaged activism. The revolution will not be funded: we must all do our part in our own way in the pursuit of justice. Financial contributions should only be one of many means to support the cause.