Gender Roles

The following lectures correspond with an online course on the sociology of gender offered by Corey Wrenn in 2014. The information covered is very basic gender theory designed for community college students and may be useful for beginners. The textbook that these lectures are based on is:  Linda L. Lindsey. 2010.  Gender Roles:  A Sociological Perspective. 5th ed.

Trigger Warning:  Many lectures contain potentially upsetting information and pictures.

Module 1:  Introduction to Gender

Lecture 1:  Introduction

Lecture 2:  Major Theoretical Perspectives

Lecture 3:  Feminist Frameworks


Module 2:  Biology, Sexuality, and Health

Lecture 1:  Nature and Nurture

Lecture 2:  Sexuality

Lecture 3:  Health


Module 3:  Socialization and Language

Lecture 1:  Socialization

Lecture 2:  Linguistics

Lecture 3:  Talk


Module 4:  Gender in the West and Global Perspectives

Lecture 1:  Woman’s Experience in Western History

Lecture 2:  Women in America

Lecture 3:  The Women’s Movement

Lecture 4:  The Global Female Experience


Module 5:  Love, Marriage, and Relationships

Lecture 1:  Love and Attraction

Lecture 2:  Marriage and Family

Lecture 3:  New Marriage Forms


Module 6:  Family

Lecture 1:  Parenthood

Lecture 2:  “Nontraditional” Families

Lecture 3:  Global Families


Module 7:  Masculinity

Lecture 1:  The Male Historical Experience and Patriarchy

Lecture 2:  Masculinity

Lecture 3:  Gendered Violence


Module 8:  Speciesism and Gender 

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Module 9:  Work

Lecture 1:  The Home and Work

Lecture 2:  Women in the Labor Force