Vegan Feminist Radio

Vegan Feminist Radio is hosted by founder of Vegan Feminist Network Corey Wrenn with ally Brian Snead.

cw Brian Snead

Podcast theme song composed and performed by Brian Snead. Music featured in essay readings is composed and performed by Lucas Hayes of Our Vegan Pregnancy. See below for an archive of past podcasts and our series of essay readings.


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Episode 5 – “Trumpocalypse
Episode 4 – “Veganism and Capitalism
Episode 3 – “Vegan Feminist Travel
Episode 2 – “Black Lives Matter, Period
Episode 1 – “The Fourth of July and Cat Poop

Essay Readings

  1. Tips for Male Allies
  2. Dear New Vegan
  3. Single-Issue Campaigns are the White Feminism of Animal Rights
  4. Why Trump Veganism Must Go