Dr. Corey Lee Wrenn of Vegan Feminist Network featured on Maine Public Radio

Vegan Feminist Network

What’s wrong with calling other animal’s “it”? What does it mean for women and other animals when we use the word “bitch”?

Dr. Corey Lee Wrenn founder of Vegan Feminist Network was featured on Maine public radio, Animal Sounds on WMPG 90.9FM. In this 30 minute program Dr. Wrenn discusses intersections of sexism, speciesism, ableism and more in colloquially used oppressive language. You can listen by clicking here.

VFN Founder Corey Wrenn Featured on Feminist Magazine Radio

Feminist Magazine

In an interview hosted by Cherise Charleswell and Valecia Phillips, I discuss my forthcoming book, A Rational Approach to Animal Rights: Extensions in Abolitionist Theory, as well as how veganism and the Nonhuman Animal rights movement falls into the scope of a feminist framework. Specifically I unpack the relevance of speciesism to feminism, the Nonhuman Animal rights movement’s problems with sexism and racism, and the corrupting effect that capitalism has on social justice efforts.

Feminist Magazine on KPFK is the weekly Southern California radio show of news, views, politics and culture with an intersectional feminist perspective.

You can access the stream by clicking here or pressing play below.

Vegan Feminist Network Interviewed on “Under the Toadstool” Podcast


Corey Lee Wrenn, founder of the Vegan Feminist Network, is interviewed on Episode 2 of Sonia Chauhan and Sarah K. Woodcock’s “Under the Toadstool” podcast. In this 40 minute program, the state of sexism in the Nonhuman Animal rights movement is explored, with some discussion of how to identify and disrupt it. This program was specifically designed to be introductory and is meant to share with those who are new to topics in intersectionality.

If you found your way to this page after listening to the podcast, welcome! We are so thrilled that you are here and that you care about social justice for everyone! Want to be a better advocate? Start by visiting our “What You Can Do!” page.