The Power Of The Vegan Who Remembers Their Roots

By Michele Kaplan CONTENT WARNING: This article contains a couple of sentences (quotes from others) that reference misogyny, homophobia, and ableism. NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Some violent language in said quotes. Author’s Note: The following is in no way an attack on … Continue reading

A Hősimádat Veszélyei Egy Aktivista Mozgalmon Belül

Tartalmi figyelmeztetés: nemi erőszak és rasszizmus említése, rendkívül sértő (rasszizmus, akadályozottság) megjegyzések a palesztin emberekre és a muszlim kultúrára nézve Translation by Eszter Kalóczkai. See more Hungarian translations of intersectional vegan essays by visiting their blog, Tudatos Vegán. The original English version of this essay can … Continue reading

Why are White People Outraged Over Cecil the Lion but Not about Sandra Bland?

By Michele Kaplan TRIGGER WARNING: The following article contains discussion of racism and police violence. Author’s Note: This article is not suggesting that every white person is outraged over Cecil (let alone outraged over Cecil and not Sandra Bland). This article is … Continue reading

Gary Yourofsky: Is The Backlash Warranted?

By Michele Kaplan TRIGGER WARNING: The following article is in response to a video posted by Gary Yourofsky. It contains quotes from Yourofsky that reference violence, sexual abuse and rape. The video also contains ableist language and makes the inaccurate … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Hero Worship In An Activist Movement

By Michele Kaplan Trigger Warning: Discussion of rape and racism; contains extremely offensive racist and ableist comments about Palestinians and Muslim culture. Have you ever been in a situation where people wish you would just shut up? It all began … Continue reading